Iron Maiden “Seventh Son Of A Seventh” Son Printed Patch

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Iron Maiden "Seventh Son Of A Seventh" Son Printed Patch

Dimensions: 8 x 9,5 cm

The printed patch in the Razamataz headed packet is an outrageous bootleg. Razamataz has never needed to print a small patch as we have been manufacturing (small) woven patches since we started in 1978, and we have never used such a header in fact it has only been in the last 7 years that we have packaged patches at all. That is a definite rip-off, using our name as well! I know the company responsible for that atrocity, TRONSEAL (as shown on the header card). They were sued by Iron Maiden and still exist but have changed direction. The principal of that company and his brother (R.I.P) were THE biggest bootleggers of the 80’s and 90’s.” Ltd

(It was sold in a headed packet, which I can’t show here due to copyright permissions, but it looks the same as here.)