…your Tribute Battle Vest

1. Choose a nice Maiden background if possible
2. Take a picture in upright format of front and back (leave a little space around your vest)
3. Image size should be more than 1200 x 1500 pixels
4. Save as high quality JPG
5. Provide your nickname and send to

…a missing patch

1. Be sure it’s an original item or at least a bootleg from the 80s/90s
2. Choose a Maiden background that fits to the release
3. Take a picture in landslide format of the patch/pin in top view
4. Images size should be more than 1200 x 900 pixels (it should be sharp and leave a little space around)
5. Save as high quality JPG
6. Provide your nickname, item dimensions, copyright (if there’s one) and send to

Note: By submitting the images you agree that Eddies Battle Vest may use your nickname, watermark the images and embed them on the website.